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    Tarot Reading

    Tarot Reading I will connect with my guides, Higher beings and Archangels to answer your questions.
  • I will light a Reiki Ritualized candle of Archangel Metatron to provide healing. Archangel Metatron is focused on serving humanity in the ascension process and in creating heaven on earth. He is one of the angels directly involved in creating the structure of Creation, and therefore holds the template for living an awakened life. The Angel of Life and Overseer of the Akashic Records.
  • I will light a candle of Archangel Michael to provide a protection shield around you. Archangel Michael provides any type of protection you need, always ready and willing to provide it, giving you the necessary courage and strength to deal with it, along with truth and integrity in any difficult time.
  • I will light a candle to call upon Archangel Chamuel to bring love into your life. Archangel Chamuel is called upon for love and relationship harmony. He Is an Angel of Peace and Divine Justice, guarding the innocent (children) and giving strength to overcome difficult situations. He Is pure love and brings powerful spiritual illumination into your life, call upon him to fill your heart with love.
  • I will light an Archangel Raphael healing candle to provide health.

    Archangel Raphael supports in healing people's minds, spirits, and bodies so they can enjoy peace and good health to the fullest extent of God's will for them.

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    Archangels Reading Spread I will connect with my guides, Higher beings and Archangels to answer your question.
  • I will use my intuition and psychic habilities to read your energy and answer your questions.    
  • Terapia Psicológica Terapia psicológica individual, de pareja, infantil y adolescente. Útil en tratamientos físicos y emocionales en niños, adolescentes y adultos que sufren de depresión, ansiedad, insomnio, agotamiento físico y/o mental, fobias, estrés, déficit de atención, hiperactividad, trastornos del sueño, miedos, rabietas, fatiga, timidez, entre otros padecimientos.        
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    by Hari Andri Winarso  999 energy is a high spiritual energy, some people said if it is a very high frequency of energy and the highest frequency of angelic realms. Spiritually, 999 energy represent spiritual progress and the ascension of spiritual awareness to a higher level and a deep inner transformation. 999 energy has a soft and calm energy pattern that useful to calming your body and mind, bring the inner peace and increases emotional stability. 999 energy may help in the development and strengthening of personal transformations, spiritual potentials, healing, and many other. 999 Energy of Vajra Kartri was channeled and created to cleanses, purifies, and removes all blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is powerful to removes any obstacles of life, black magic spells, curses, hexes, cleansing all kinds of negativities and any of their negative influences, etc. And also helpful to dissolves negative thinkings, anger, criticism, fear, and any other forms of self-negativities. 999 Energy of Vajra Kartri are excellent to purifying and cleansing any negative energies in any type of spaces/rooms, like as home, office, etc. It will brings positive energy to the space, bringing peace and calm to makes everyone will feel comfort, positive feeling, good-mood and no negative energies. you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement Attunements are delivered in 3 days after the purchase, you may select a fast delivery for an additional cost.
  • Tridaya Inner Power  by  the Founder -  The meaning of Tridaya: Tri = Three, Daya = Force , so Tridaya Inner Power is a triple force of inner power -- the energy already in existence from birth. What will be trained and taught is how those three outstanding forces be can be awakened and used to neutralize an opponent without touching the persons concerned, as well as for Health, for Recovery and Good Fortune .  Tridaya Inner Power the training is divided into three stages.  These three forces correspond with three very important aspects of each human being, namely Mind, Body and Spirit. Tridaya Inner Power does not require a long training period -- not three years, two years or even one year, but in one to two weeks with one to two hours of training every day, you can master the material and prove your skills concretely against materials as well as animals. The duration of training for each person is different. It depends on each individual, but there are people capable of demonstrating it in three days. Clearly, if you practice exactly in accordance with instructions, there will be no time of trial and error present in the training and proof. Some days, you may need longer training sessions than another person. Why is it be like that? Each person has different potential capacity. There are some in need of more time for that purpose. The Tridaya Inner Power self-defense art training can be learned by any man or woman, or by any religious group or race in this world, without differentiation . What is being taught is universal, unique, quick and easy. Receive 3  pdf manual.

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