Usui Shiki Ryoho and Tibetan Reiki


Reiki is a Japanese technique for healing by the harmonization of the energy of the mind and body, helping the spiritual development of the individual.
Creates deep relaxation by releasing stress and tension, accelerates self-healing abilities, helps sleep, reduces blood pressure, helps with injuries and chronic problems, helps breaking of addictions.
Relieves pain, removes energy blockages, adjusts energy flow of endocrine system bringing harmony, clears toxins, reduces some of the side effects of drugs, helps recover from surgery and chemotherapy, supports immune system, increases vitality, postpones the aging process, raises the vibrational frequency of the body, helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing.

You will receive a manual and a distance attunement to the level(s) you are ordering.

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Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Japanese and Tibetan is a system of healing and bioenergetic rebalancing through the transmission of Universal healing energy through the laying on of hands.
Reiki works directly with the patient’s energy field, directly affecting the blockages that disturb the free circulation of energy in their being, restores and harmonizes their systems, enables and shows, in a simple way, the path to health.
Two Reikis in one system. Usui marched and channeled symbols in Tibet that are used during therapy, which in conjunction with traditional Japanese Reiki symbols provide more powerful healing.
1.- What is Reiki?
Therapeutic Energy. “Reiki” defines a system of healing and emotional rebalancing through the transmission of energy through the laying on of hands, intention and stimulation of energy points in the human body (chakras, suhsuma, nadis, reflex zones etc.) Reiki is a Japanese word that means “live life from awareness and vitality.” Reiki is the most accessible energy therapy to receive and learn.
Reiki energy manifests in the patient during the session in the form of symbolic images, lucid thoughts or healing sensations. Each therapy is a sacred moment that helps us identify the root of our blockage and evolve in our personal development.
Life is a loop of consciousness and unconsciousness, of fullness or emptiness, of balance or crisis, etc. All therapies are Reiki because they provide therapeutic information, and only differ in the body they work: massages, pilates or yoga, affect the physical body; Reiki: on the energy body; regressive therapy: on the emotional and karmic body; and psychology: on the mental body; etc.
In the West we have confused the symptom with the disease but what makes us sick is a way of life based on fear and the egocentric desire that generates karma. The blocks are overcome when we identify the situations that generate them because the disease is an opportunity for evolution and change; in essence, we get sick because we don’t know how to love ourselves and because our actions generate pain.
Why do we stop being aware? Trauma causes us to become unconscious and develop a false personality that derails us from our destiny. Reiki therapy enables us to live the reality we want from consciousness by freeing ourselves from negative behavior patterns that harm us. Trauma means “emotional shock that causes lasting damage to the unconscious.” Initiation or therapy is a positive emotional shock because intense situations give us awareness and identity.
2.-Effects of Reiki:
Reduces stress and increases vitality and self-esteem. Accelerates the existential learning process. Strengthens the immune system. Improves quality of life. Helps to detoxify the lymphatic system. Activates intuition and generates the feeling of living our destiny.

3.-Duration and protocol of the therapy:
Professional therapy usually lasts approximately three months with a weekly frequency of one hour per session. The therapy period is characterized by bringing awareness, rapid changes and synchronicity. The effects are subjective and depend on the block of each person.
The Reiki therapist channels the healing energy but the responsibility and the merit of the healing rests with the patient. The person goes to healed therapy because he has solved a learning in everyday life and, in therapy, he is simply aware of the patterns they need to eliminate to change their lives.
Reiki produces immediate effects, if they are not observed, it is because it is not the right time or because a relationship of trust is not established.

4.-What is the Reiki technique?
The most obvious symptom of Reiki is the heat we feel in our hands, but what is this heat and where does it come from? The chakras of the hands are a reflex point of the heart chakra, and when it is activated, the associated emotion is unconditional love that manifests itself through the heat that the hands radiate. We go to therapy because we begin to love each other, and this energy is channeled through the hands. It is no coincidence that sensitive people look at their hands and eyes because they intuitively know that they show the nature of the heart.
In Reiki therapy, we work the energy body made up of light or darkness where the traumas obscure it, and the therapy restores, through the heat of the hands, the light energy, which is translated into vitality and consciousness.
5.- Who discovered Reiki and its history?
Dr. Mikao Usui. Practitioner of esoteric Buddhism, rediscover and creator of Traditional Japanese Reiki. He was born on August 15, 1865 in the Gifu district, Tokyo, and died in Fukuyama, Hirosima, on March 9, 1926.

Mikao Usui was a psychic person who could see and balance the energy body of the human being: chakra system, aura. etc. He discovered that he could transmit the ability to heal, that all people transmit energy, and that they became effective and therapeutic energy transmission channels with the Reiki technique.
In esoteric Buddhism it is believed that everything is mental, that the mind creates reality. If the mind creates reality, the mind can change reality. Quantum physics and holographic theories explain it scientifically.
Mikao Usui created symbols representing the energy body with the intention of healing and balancing even if people did not see it. The Reiki technique turns us into therapeutic channels because we work the energy body even without seeing it.
The Reiki technique expanded only in Japan from the 1920s to the 1940s. Mrs. Takata introduced it to the United States in the 70s. It is currently a therapeutic technique recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization).
The Reiki Usui contribution to the Reikis System is the reconnection with your being, with your life, through the activation of the heart chakra: Reiki Usui therapies or initiations provide tranquility, calmness, serenity, joy, lucidity, vitality and sensation to be able to adapt to the world in a more fluid or confident way. Many people initiated to Reiki Usui feel that they are guided by a clearer intuition or by beings of light. An excellent healing system for the most mental people.

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