The Orb of Life was initially founded by Ole Gabrielsen who brought forward Kundalini Reiki.

The Orb of Life is an etheric energy ball that consists of very concentrated, high frequency life force. The orb is not a physical object but made of pure energy. It acts as an antenna for life force and keeps on producing it. The Orb Of Life can be used in many different ways including:

charge water and other items
Automatically protect you from negative energies and psychic attacks
Help you to clear blocks
Help you in healing sessions, both distance and hands on
Room clearing

It will provide you with a steady steam of life force energy 24 hours a day 7 days a week

You will receive your own personal etheric Orb of Life, which will last for a lifetime, as it will never wear out. If you like, it will always follow you wherever you go. You will also receive instruction on how to make your own Orbs! The orb of life is not a physical item but a spiritual energy that is transferred from me to you in a similar way to other energy healing attunements.

You need to be a Reiki Master on order to be attuned or at least 3rd level Reiki Healer.

Attunements are delivered in 3 days after the purchase.

– distance empowerment
– short manual