Lunar Light Empowerment was founded by Ole Gabrielsen.

The energy of the moon, is a high vibrant loving energy that is, like the energy of the sun, very beneficial in healing sessions. Lunar light has many excellent properties. The most important here is emotional healing.

It’s energies help with all feminine aspects of life. It promotes peace of mind, calmness and balance. It cleanses and protects from negative energies. It’s further great for use in meditation.

Lunar Light is excellent in help to deal with the subconscious mind and issues related to it. Lunar Light and Solar Light is a great combination and acts like Yin and Yang. Yin is the Moon, the feminine and Yang is the Sun, the masculine.

You can use Lunar Light as ordinary Reiki, alone or as a combination. It’s very easy to use and learn, even for a child.

The Lunar Light Empowerment is received as one attunement. Actually it is 3 attunements that have been gathered into one single empowerment. You will further learn how to pass on the Lunar Light Empowerment.

The Solar Light Empowerment is also available and the two work well together.

– distance attunements
– short manual

Once attuned you may attune others.

You need to be a Reiki Master in order to be attuned.

Attunements are delivered in 3 days after the purchase.