Access Energetic Facelift / Facelift Energético de Access


Access Energy Facelift  to rejuvenate face and body.

Access Energy Facelift is an energy process that softens, stretches and rejuvenates face and body.

This unique technique contains more than 30 energies that invite the cell structure of face and body to change.

It involves several frequencies that restore the natural flow of energy in the body making it easier for energy blockages and stagnations, caused by emotions or stress, to dissolve. With the energy running through the body, the muscles begin to relax and the skin begins to rejuvenate.


It is safe for everyone, all ages and works in harmony with any process.  20 sessions are required for the changes to be permanent.

Healings are delivered in 3 days after the purchase, you may select a fast delivery for an additional cost.

Extra Healings

Rejuvenate face and body

get rid of limiting beliefs about all sorts of things

4 BARS sessions in consecutive days highly recommended for powerful effects

4 Facelift sessions in consecutive days highly recommended for powerful effects

unlock tension, resistance, trauma and disease of the body by shifting energy dynamically.

4 Body Process sessions in consecutive days highly recommended for powerful effects


Deliver your healing Extra fast in 1 day

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Facelift Energético de Access

Facelift Energético de Access es un proceso energético que suaviza, estira y rejuvenece el rostro y el cuerpo.

Esta técnica única contiene más de 30 energías que invitan a cambiar la estructura celular de la cara y el cuerpo.

Se trata de varias frecuencias que restauran el flujo natural de energía en el cuerpo facilitando la disolución de bloqueos y estancamientos de energía, causados por emociones o estrés. Con la energía corriendo por el cuerpo, los músculos comienzan a relajarse y la piel comienza a rejuvenecer.

Es seguro para todos, todas las edades y funciona en armonía con cualquier proceso. Se requieren 20 sesiones para que los cambios sean permanentes.

Las curaciones se entregan en 3 días después de la compra, puede seleccionar una entrega rápida por un costo adicional.


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