Abundantia and Lakshmi Rays Attunements


Connect to the energy of the Rays of Abundance.In need of extra economic provision? The spiritual world is happy to contribute and support if we ask.

• Abundantia is a powerful and thriving Divinity that can help us achieve abundance and prosperity in our matters related to money and the material. This divinity can help us be more deserving. Abundantia also gives us confidence to continue our path and follow our dreams and aspirations. Abundantia, the beautiful goddess of success, prosperity, abundance and good fortune, is also considered a protector of savings, investments and wealth. Many centuries ago her image adorned Roman coins.
• Goddess Lakshmi, the bringer of physical wealth and abundance and spiritual wealth, such as enlightenment and the awakening to the God within. Within the lotus flower, Lakshmi holds the key to the next stage of your spiritual development.
• Lakshmi is also an Embodiment of the Divine Mother.
• 9th Dimension Powerful healing.
• No special training required for attunement.
Once attuned you may bless yourself and others!
• Be ready to receive gifts after attunement!

Healings are delivered in 3 days after the purchase, you may select a fast delivery for an additional cost.


What is the content of the Ray of Abundance of Abundantia manual?

– How to achieve prosperity in your life

– Connect to the Abundantia Ray

– Abundantia in Roman mythology

– Infinite Abundance

– Rules of Abundance

– Affirmation to attract Abundance

– Transmission of the Ray of Abundance

– How to receive the attunement
What are the contents of the Ray of Abundance of Lakshmi manual?
-Lakshmi history.

-Elements for petitions.

-Vedic Teachings about Lakshmi.

-Prayers to Invoke Lakshmi.

Attunement of Lakshmi Ray.

Preparation for attunement.

Preparation for receiving healing.

-Message from the Goddess.

How many healings do I need to be abundant?

Upon receiving the attunement to the Ray of Abundantia, you will open the door to prosperity and welcome all that belongs to you, cutting off old memories that block the flow in your life. This Ray can be given and received as many times as you want, remember the more you give, the more you receive
What would I receive with the attunement?
You will receive a manual and a distant attunement.
Can I order the Rays of Abundance healing for someone else?
It is important that your loved one is aware he or she is going to receive this blessing, so you would need to ask their permission first.


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