CZ Card The Archetype of the Sword by Cuzco Artist Channeller

This is a spiritual   initiation high  vibrational energy  flowing automatically as prepared for each receiver.

After activation the energy is renewed automatically you for the rest of your life 

You can  program for special needs and use it in  with your intention.

It is high  energy  that   brings your requests  in the cosmos. 

Personal Application  or for other  any time, any place you need this energy

Great  Protection and also very useful for Magic work 

The sword apparently cold metal object and instead has many symbolic meanings, it is an archetype of strength and justice that is found in all cultures.

 It primarily has  meanings of defense and offense from which those of dualism between good and evil, according to the use it was made. 

The sword was a hallmark of the Knight and Samurai 

His duality contains masculine and feminine.

 The sword is the symbol par excellence of  status and virtues related to courage, nobility of expression, virile strength, and moral height.

The sword as a symbol of the divine will protects the righteous and punishes the unjust 

The sword is also associated with natural elements of strength, such as lightning, fire or the sun strike and folgorano as the light reflected on the steel of his blade. 

The blade, in its gloss is like a double mirror where the  can see reflected  virtues and  vices, 

Even the work of the sword is somewhat similar to that of Light, which contrasts the darkness and the darkness of ignorance.

The flaming sword symbol is also many  used  by the Master during the ritual of passing grade and initiation…..

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