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    Chakra Ascension Codes

    Chakra Ascension Codes Activations Chakra Ascension Codes Activation oriented to purify and activate your 7 major chakras of your physical bodies. Higher Chakra Ascension Codes Activation is oriented to activate higher and secondary chakras. Meditation activations are done through skype calls.
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    DNA Codes to Purify and Activate your Glands There are DNA codes laying dormant in your body. When purifying and activating them will help you heal your whole physical and energetic bodies. This DNA codes are located in your 7 master glands: pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, sexual glands. Our chakras are connected to our glands which segregate chemicals that keep us healthy and our organs working properly, so it's important to keep them clean and activate them, so that we can clear also our subtle and energetic bodies. The more you repeat these codes through meditation and activation the stronger and healthier your body will be, and the clearer your energetic body will be, which can help you solve problems too. Once you've made your purchase, we will set up an appointment to activate the codes in you during a call.
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    The Healing Plexuses Activation is oriented to purify and activate your plexuses which are located in the astral body. They are divided in 3 categories : The Internal Plexus that trigger functions inside the physical body. The transpersonal Plexus that trigger functions outside the body. The External Plexus that activate a manifestation of energy outside of the body. Meditation activations are done through skype calls.


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