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Elisa Ondarza Alvarado

I am Elisa Ondarza Alvarado from Mexico, I am a Clinical Psychologist, with a Communication Sciences degree, Certified in Family, Business and Pedagogical Constellations and Sytemic Psychology. I would be happy to assist you as a professional Psychologist and Healer. I am Reiki Master since 2015 in Usui & Tibetan, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Sekhem-Seichim, Karuna, Money, Fairy Realm, Entity Removal, Saraswati, Abundantia/Lakshmi Abundance Rays, Aton, Mariel, Maria Magdalena, Buddha’s Dragon’s Wings, Reiki Grand Master 5-20. Angel Therapist, Womb Healing, Access Consciousness BARS/Facelifts. Javanese Magick, DNA activations, Hebrew Pendulum.

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