Jinlap Maitri the Blessing of Healing and Loving Kindness, is a Tibetan method of natural healing evolved from the teachings of the medicine Buddha.
Jinlap Maitri is a scared practice, not only giving us the ability to heal ourselves and others, but also bringing guidance for our lives. Strengthening our feelings of compassion and love for all as we are guided by its power towards higher level consciousness merging with the God within. Jinlap Maitri, the Way of Loving Kindness and Healing is the way of God within, our unlimited potential within Us as we proceed towards and create the future.

Jinlap Maitri Tibetan Tantric Healing involves visualization of the subtle body and control of the subtle energy forces and essences. Through the Jinlap Maitri methods in this workshop, purification and manipulation, the vital essence and the life force inherent in the psychic energy flowing through the psychic channels and chakras, are transformed into Bodhi-mind and wisdom-truth. The Tantric rituals of Jinlap Maitri are the means by which control of the subtle body is gained. The subtle body is the invisible energy form that shapes and generates the physical body.
The essence of Jinlap Maitri, the Blessing of Healing and Loving Kindness, is holistic harmony. It is a harmony of formless, subtle and manifest worlds, of mental, emotional and physical bodies, of spiritual, psychological and organic developments, of self, others and total environment.